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About Nicky

Nicky Whyman is a Christian singer songwriter and pianist who is a familiar performer at church outreach events, meetings, conferences, fundraisers and more.

Founded on the scripture Hebrew 4:16, her music passionately relays Christ’s victory and her faith in God. Nicky’s powerful vocals exude strength and her substantial vocal performance creates a sound and style unique to her. The mix of strong vocals and focused lyrics will draw you into the atmosphere of the throneroom of God.

On Nicky’s debut EP, My Beloved Calls, the listener is led to a place focusing on the mercy, love and power of God, to draw close to the One Who Calls. The songs of healing and victory over life’s challenges tell the story of her triumph in overcoming a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and miraculous healing by God. In Nicky’s own words,

“I’ve always heard that music has a remarkable way of affecting positive changes in people’s emotions, souls and bodies and I’m so glad that the songs that God has given to me have proven to have those types of healing qualities. I’m so thankful that He has taught me how to sing my way out of dark places, into the high places in Him. But lots of people can feel nervous about getting too close to God or simply don’t know how to experience His love. Maybe they feel they don’t measure up, and so they hold back, not sure what reception they will receive from God. The truth is that God loves us and wants us to come boldly to Him, without fear. that’s why I want to help people into His presence where they can find the healing, inspiration, comfort, peace and joy that we only get from communion with Him”

Join Nicky on her journey to help people experience more of these incredible blessings.