Milwich Music Festival 2017

Thank you to Derek and Elaine for organising a wonderful open air service as part of the annual Milwich village festival which includes an almost famous duck race! Retired Vicar Duncan led the service brilliantly – the opportunity to meet together and celebrate God was a fitting part of the annual celebrations by the villages @milwichmusicfestival

The weather stayed fine despite the threatened rain, but moving from the planned AV stage trailer to the covered marquee was not without it’s fun points. The uneven floor tried it’s best to throw the keyboard off the stand half way through..but we managed a quick rescue and continued to Praise God!

Thanks Chris for fixing the ‘technical’ issue with a couple of trusty beer towels…interesting feature on the photos if you can spot them!

As always thank you to everyone for their part in making these events happen – you are such a blessing x




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Gigged up

What a wonderful May! Meeting so many precious people and seeing God so touch their lives – we were all blessed with knowing His presence and feeling refreshed and inspired by His spirit for the days ahead. It was a real honour to be able to chat, encourage, share the word and pray with you – thank you so much for all the warm welcomes. God Bless you as you continue to grow in the knowledge of the grace and love of Jesus! xxx

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Innocent Blood

It’s difficult to talk about bloodshed in a positive way. Particularly at the moment with so many atrocities happening around the world resulting in innocents losing their lives. And yet perhaps shockingly to many, innocent bloodshed is really one of the crucial positive messages of Christianity.

Hebrews 9:22 reminds us that as revealed in the law God gave to Moses, there is no remission of sin (forgiveness of debt) without the shedding of blood. And not just any blood – the blood of a spotless, guilt free sacrifice is required to wipe away the stain and the guilt of wrongdoing. After all the life is IN the blood (Lev 17:11) – making blood a kind of spiritual currency. A life for a life. Being the perfect judge that He is, God cannot simply ignore the debt owed to Him when we mess up. Any more than we would when someone wrongs us terribly – in fact we usually expect to take them to court to see justice done.

But whilst God’s perfect justice demands payment, His great love for us wants mercy. Cue the innocent sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ on behalf of all mankind – stepping in willingly to give his life to pay our debt fully and wipe away our stains of guiltiness. What a plan! God Himself paying the debt that we owed Him.

These are the truths expressed in the track ‘Blood Bought’ from my first EP ‘My Beloved Calls’ Our debts really have been completely paid for and we are washed clean by the innocent blood of Jesus. Hebrews chapters 9 and 10 lay it out clearly for us that Jesus entered the Holy places in Heaven to make a new and living way for us to approach God with confidence. Where the way had been shut because of our sin – now He has opened the path again for us to enjoy relationship with God our Father. God’s justice satisfied so His great love could be fulfilled (Eph 2:4)

For those who have accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf, His blood works continuously today to purge consciences from dead (fruitless) works. I thank God for the perfect, powerful blood of Jesus!

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A new pair of truth goggles

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8: 31-32

I think it’s wonderful when you read something for the what seems like the 1000th time and then the Holy Spirit just shows you something completely new! With God I’ve found there are continuing levels of understanding and knowing Him, as He shows you more and more of the overall picture. In some ways, it’s a little like correcting your vision.

I started to need glasses when I was in primary school. After months of squinting at the teacher’s squiggles on the blackboard (old school chalk and blackboard back in my day!) it was time to finally get those dreaded glasses and join the ranks of what I thought of as ‘geeks’! Well thankfully I soon changed my perceptions of those of us with glasses, but I still daily have the experience of only vaguely knowing where things are until I don my specs. Then everything come into sharp focus and I can clearly see what I’m looking at!

I get the same sense with God when He starts to talk to me about parts of the bible that I’m reading. Sometimes I vaguely know what I think the scripture is saying, but then it sharply comes into new focus as He drops in a new thought I’d never considered before. Reading the John 8:31-32 scripture today I thought to myself (as I had done countless times before) ‘yes that’s true, when you know what the written word actually means then it changes your thinking and makes you free in that area’…but then like a new pair of specs I suddenly saw this verse in a clearer way.

What is truth? According to John 14:6 Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life” So I saw for the first time that ‘the truth’ is not just a set of facts or values, but it’s a real living person whom I can get to know.

We can all know things ‘about’ someone – the internet is a super highway of facts/fiction about almost anyone, especially celebrities. But does that mean we actually know that person? Do we spend time with them and listen when they speak? Do we understand what makes them happy or the way they like things to be done? And do we know how much we mean to them?

With this in mind, I’ve determined to know Him more intimately, so that He Himself can make me free. It is in having greater intimacy with Jesus, letting Him speak to my heart, show me His love and complete acceptance that I am made free in every way. This is so much more powerful and personal – a one to one communion with the lover of my soul. I’m going to begin by looking at the scripture in a different way – seeing the person Jesus in all that I read and inviting Him to reveal who He is in more clarity. I pray that you would see Him more clearly in all that you do also.

Years ago, my childhood optometrist Mr Cooper would put different strength lenses into the frames and say “Is it better with this, without or about the same?” Well I’ve found my view of world is definitely better – better when I look at everything with Jesus!

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Love always finds a way

‘Love will find a way’ is one of the wonderful songs the Lord gave to me and like all songs it has a story of it’s own.

Back in what seems an age ago now (but was actually around 2010) I had been experiencing some very nasty symptoms that the doctors couldn’t offer any help with or get to the bottom of. This had been progressing for a few years and so I was feeling very anxious as it was steadily getting worse.

I believe that God is still in the business of healing people today and so my expectation was that I would get better. However, one particularly painful and sleepless night I cried out to God and asked Him what was wrong with me and what I could do to find some help. In a very still small voice I heard Him say “They are going to tell you that it’s Multiple Sclerosis. Don’t be afraid, just believe” Immediately, I felt an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and was able to fall asleep. As you can imagine, this was not a normal response for someone who has just been told that they are about to be diagnosed with an incurable disease!

The scripture was running around in my mind in Mark 5:36 where Jesus heard the news that someone whom He was on the way to heal had died. If you know the story, Jairus (ruler in a local synagogue) asked Jesus to come quickly to heal his daughter. However, a servant arrived shortly afterwards to tell them not to bother because the girl had died. Wonderfully Jesus was not moved by the seemingly final and devastating report. He simply said to the anxious father “Be not afraid, only believe” I kept thinking about Jesus’ words in light of what I’d heard the night before.

Shortly thereafter, I experienced a severe bout of numbness and pain and was hospitalised. After many tests the conclusive diagnosis was as you have guessed, Multiple Sclerosis. Thus began many appointments, clinics and consultations. I hung onto the encouraging words of my Heavenly Father and many, many accounts in the bible where Jesus healed every person who came to Him in faith that He would do it. It was during this time of ‘just believing’ against all odds that the song ‘Love will find a way’ was born in my heart.

One Sunday afternoon singing with my church in the service, I heard so clearly the words “Love will find a way”. Even though there was NO way according to the current medical profession to be cured of this disease, God encouraged me with the words to this song. He IS love according to 1 John 4:8 and He wants us to know that He is able to find a way for us, no matter how impossible it seems.

So I decided to trust Him, stick with the scriptures He spoke to me and just continue to believe. Without going into the detail of how God led me to walk free …all the symptoms of this terrible disease are gone and I miraculously have had the diagnosis removed from my medical records. I can say to the Glory of God I do NOT have MS.

So whatever you are facing today, don’t be afraid – only believe. God is Love and He will always find a way for you.

I’d love to send you this song as a free gift – just head over to the Sign Up page and fill in your email details.

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2016 all wrapped up

2016 – what a year! I’ve had the great privilege of speaking to people on the street, in various churches and simply in the workplace. I’ve been blessed to work with great mentors at Resound Media who are helping me further along the musical path that the Lord has set me on – and will have more of that to look forward to in 2017! Organising a fabulous fundraising gig in support of Open Doors and performing with Out of the Ashes was a treat in March and most recently working with some talented musicians to form a new band for gigs lined up in 2017. Much to be excited about and greatly thankful for.

But one of the overall things I remember this year is the conversation with so many precious people about their 2016 experiences leaving them hopeless, discouraged or just bemused by the things happening around the world.

I encouraged people with the assurance that when someone loves us as much as God does, then we have nothing to fear. No need to be anxious about all these happenings. Jesus knew we would need His strength during the crazy times that we live in, because He encouraged us through Peter to “cast all your care on Him, because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7)

We can have peace in the midst of increasing pressures, peace that comes from knowing He has it all in hand, when we don’t have a clue how it’s going to work out. Sounds good – but what does it mean in reality?

If you’ve been in anguish over the EU referendum, burdened with the tragedy of the refugees fleeing Syria, in despair about the increasing terrorist attacks or simply don’t know how you will meet the Christmas bills this month then you qualify for the peace of God. Simply ask Him to take care of all these issues and thank Him for the peace in your heart and mind that you need. The good news is that we don’t have to understand how these things are going to be resolved. Once we’ve handed it over the God it’s His responsibility to fulfil whatever is needed. So this Christmas, ask Jesus for the gift of peace and then “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”

Merry Christmas and I hope to see you at a gig sometime in 2017!

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Back from the studio

Since I last penned anything I’ve been quite busy with meeting lots of wonderful new friends in local C of E, Elim and Methodist fellowships. Having the opportunity to share and sing with them has been incredible and a very different experience in every place – each of us is so unique! Thank  you for inviting me to share in your services and meet God together!

Last month I ventured into the studio again to record 4 new songs with Andy Baker and the Resound Media team at their new studios in Gloucestershire. Situated on the estate of a beautiful family who open up their house for artists to stay and enjoy their family life – complete with feeding the cat (a beautiful Coon Maine cat called Marcus!) and mucking in with doing the dishes and preparing the veggies for dinner! Andy (Production, arrangement, guitar, piano and all round music wizz) and Aron (amazing sound technician and drummer) made the songs sound incredible and added another dimension to the sound. We had a really productive 2 days and I can’t wait to hear the first mixes due in July!

So the new EP titled ‘Like and Eagle’ should be available late August – in time for some solo gigs I’m planning later in the year.

More news on dates for that as they happen!







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2012-2014 One great big blog!

Well this has to be one big blog to start off with – mainly because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to update anything on line since 2012! I’ve recorded a CD, met my future husband, got married and moved house. In between all that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of singing at church meetings all over Stoke on Trent, Christmas Carol shows at shopping centres, nursing homes and a trip to Israel. All in all a very busy but glorious 2 years!

Now that I have a little more time to plan, I shall be keeping up with making sure that the site is updated regularly with event and gig dates through 2015. But in the meantime, here is a very brief rundown of the highlights of 2012-2014.

Here’s me ministering at a New Year’s Conference 2012 in Oklahoma, USA. It’s always a great joy to be able to share the presence of God with family. This was a wonderful time spent with friends who I don’t get to see too often (being across ‘the pond’!) And also gave me 3 days preparation before starting at the studio to record the vocals for ‘My Beloved Calls’. Here we are fuelling up before hitting the studio where Mike the Audio Tech works his magic!



Once back in the UK I met lots of wonderful people at churches throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire as I shared songs from the CD and God touched many people’s hearts. During the Christmas season our church gets together to prepare a carol (and love song) selection for the shopping centres and supermarkets that invite us to sing to the shoppers. We have such a great time of conversation, sing a longs and again being aware that God is making His love known. Precious times!

photo (2)


And a wonderful day – I married my husband Mike at St Marys Church, Astbury. The sun shone all day and in our hearts ever since!


Now looking ahead to 2015 I’m planning a series of solo gigs to include tracks from ‘My Beloved Calls’ along with new songs in acoustic and backing track sets. Please check the ‘Events’ page for details as they are booked and I hope to see you somewhere in 2015!!

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