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Throneroom Stories

It’s so great to share with one another what God has done in our lives and I hope that the stories below inspire and bless you. If you’d like to leave your own story or public message to encourage fellow visitors, please send it in below:.

5 Responses to Throneroom Stories

  1. Pam S

    On your first CD, the song Blood Bought revived a revelation that God had given me years ago that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. He reminded me that I am bought and washed by Jesus’ blood! Thank you Jesus for renewing this powerful truth for me! Each time I listen to it He reminds me again that I am paid for by Him.

  2. Alison

    Nicky’s latest cd ‘like an eagle’ has impacted me so positively re my relationship with my Heavenly Father, through the person of Jesus Christ via the precious Holy Spirit of God. Listening to and singing along with Nicky transports me close to the heart of God and helps me to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. In that place, if I stay long enough, I can sense His loving presence, hear from Him and just thoroughly enjoy being with Him. He also refreshes, restores and equips me to face the challenges life throws my way. Let me encourage anyone who is serious about pursuing a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to allow the precious gift which God has given Nicky to help you. Give God a chance to show you what He is really like. His love, mercy and grace are the best available anywhere…

  3. Mrs H Wright

    When I first heard “My Wonderful Lord” it spoke to my Spirit in a personal way, I met with God in an extraordinary way, it was like the films you see where two people run to each other on a beach and run into each other arms. That experience reinforced my belief of His love for me and we just hugged and hugged in the Spirit. I was able to cry and allow Him to love me in the way that a Father does and to bring joy and comfort and a knowledge that He is always with me and will never leave me. it was an incredible experience which I have every time I listen to this song. Thank you Nicky for your faithfulness and commitment to the calling God has given you.

  4. Jolomi

    I was given the CD “Like an eagle” by a special person on 8/2/17. All the songs on this CD are so refreshing, full of life and they draw you into the presence of God to worship and adore Him.
    The song ‘The fire in your eyes’ humbled me in my spirit and made me just want to surrender to and worship God more and more.
    Nicky, thank you for sharing your love for God through your music.

  5. admin

    Thanks Jolomi for sharing this – I am so thrilled that you met with Him in such a beautiful way! I’ll keep you up to date with gigs near you so hopefully we can worship Him together soon. God Bless you x

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